Provide Windows XP users with WinForms applications for managing Microsoft Virtual Server configurations (.vmc and .vhd files). This facilitates a wider adoption of Microsoft Virtual Server than is currently possible (eliminates need for IIS) and brings the performance benefits of the multithreaded MSVS to the multi-core desktops of today.


This project does not compete with Virtual Machine management tools. We specifically focus on having many configurations, not multiple running VMs. This is not a server management tool for provisioning VMs nor monitoring performance nor resource management.

The audience we will incorporate most feedback from are programmers, testers and trainers who have many dozens of VMs configured but only run 1 to 4 of them at any one time.

In the current scope we have two primary objectives:
1. WinForms interface to replace Virtual Server web administration interface.
2. Managed Code library providing a wrapper for the VS API to make scripting and building alternative UIs very easy in .NET (and hiding COM interop issues).

The current state of the library is that it is functional but not feature complete. All known COM interop and threading issues have now been resolved (remote connection capability is as yet unknown but being worked on), so now it is just a matter of time before we reach the feature complete milestone.


An open invite: we need a number of WinForms developers to further develop the user interface and get it more feature complete but also to get a VPC Console's look. And soon, we'll need a VPC2007 look! Anyone interested in perhaps implementing a skin-based UI? WinAmp-style UI for Virtual Server?

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